Sample of Consule

A friend gave me a car, but I was told that the warranty doesn't work even though it's still under warranty.

A friend gave me a three-year-old domestic car. Since the automatic transmission has become something wrong, I asked the store where my friend had purchased the car to repair it. Then, I was told that the warranty was not valid and that it would be charged. I'm not convinced since it's still within the 5-year warranty period. In addition, my friend had been receiving a proper inspection at the store, and there were no accidents.

  • Target car
  • New or Old used cars (old)
  • Classification function failure
  • Request free repair/warranty repair
  • Part Transmission (engine/brake/handle (steering)/airbag)
  • Phenomenon Shift failure (engine malfunction/brake failure/airbag warning light failure)

Answer and Suggested Solutions

If you have inherited a car (purchased a used car), you will not be able to receive warranty repairs unless you have completed the warranty transfer procedure.

Solution point

  • A manufacturer's new car warranty is a contract between the manufacturer and the purchaser. Therefore, if you purchase a used car, unless you have taken steps to inherit the purchaser's warranty, the warranty shall be void and you will not be able to receive warranty repairs even if it is within the warranty period.
  • Even if you get it from a friend, the warranty will be terminated.
  • Warranty inheritance is a process that the new owner of the car is authorized to take over the rights of the warranty certificate from the previous owner. Normally, it is possible at any dealer if it is a dealer affiliated with the manufacturer, but in that case, we have heard that the vehicle needs to be inspected and the cost would be charged. For more information on warranties and warranty inheritance, please ask the manufacturer or affiliated retailer.