Sample of Consule

I was very scared when my car broke down. Although it did not result in an accident, I would like to sue the manufacturer under the Product Liability Law.

My car broke down on the highway and I was very scared.Fortunately, there were no accidents or injuries. However, I would like to claim alimony from the manufacturer under the Product Liability Act (PL Law).

  • Target car
  • New or Old new car/used car
  • Classification PL
  • Claimed compensation for damages
  • Part brake (engine/handle (steering))
  • Phenomenon Poor braking (engine stall/sudden deceleration/sudden acceleration/steering wheel shake)

Answer and Suggested Solutions

The negotiating partner of the defect will be the store where you have purchased the car in principle.But, it seems difficult to request consolation money for fear.

Solution point

  • The Product Liability Act (PL Law) is a law to the affect that if damage (referred to as "extended damage") occurs to human life, body, personal goods, possessions, etc. other than the vehicle due to a defect in the car, the manufacturer is responsible even if there is no intention or negligence. Therefore, if the car is just broken down and there are no additional damages, you cannot sue the manufacturer under the Product Liability Law.
  • In principle, the negotiating partner for the repair of the failure/defect will be the dealer that sold the car, that is, the dealer that signed the sales contract with the customer.
  • Also, it seems that it is generally quite difficult for the customer to ask dealers/manufacturers for compensation for fear, not compensation for injuries.