Sample of Consule

Used car engine failure. I want the manufacturer to take responsibility.

I bought a used car at a used car dealership, but the engine stopped working within a month. Engine failure is something that should never happen, so I wanted the manufacturer to take responsibility and requested free repairs. However, I was told to negotiate with the used car dealer where I’ve bought the car or ask for paid repairs at the manufacturer's affiliated dealers. That’s not convincing for me.

  • Target car
  • New or Old used car
  • Classification PL
  • Corresponding to request manufacturer
  • Part engine (transmission/brake/handle (steering)/airbag)
  • Phenomenon Engine start failure (Engine stall / Unable to shift / Brake not working / Airbag warning light failure)

Answer and Suggested Solutions

The negotiating partner of the defect will be the store where you purchased in principle.

Solution point

  • Responsibility for dealing with defects lies with the shop that sold the car to the complainant, that is, the used car dealership that signed the sales contract with the complainant. Complainant will negotiate with the used car dealer that complainant purchased based on the contents of the guarantee of the contract and the seller's defect warranty liability, etc.
  • Fundamentally, the manufacturer does not sell directly to consumers, and is a third party that does not have a contractual relationship with the inquirer. Therefore, even if you request repairs from the manufacturer, it is likely that you will be asked to negotiate with the store where you purchased the product or to ask the manufacturer's dealers to do the repair.Similarly, in general, the repair will be charged in accordance with the repair contract even if you request free repair, since the manufacturer's affiliated dealers are also third parties. (However, if the warranty for this car is inherited and the defect is covered by the warranty, there is a possibility that it will be repaired under the warranty.)
  • Based on the warranty and defect liability, you need to negotiate with the dealer where you purchased the car for free repair or a reduction in repair costs.
  • The repair cost, even if the repair cost becomes expensive, it seems that the objective value of the car is the upper limit. If the repair cost exceeds the objective value, it is difficult to make a claim for the excess cost.
  • When negotiating repair costs with the store where you purchased the product, it will cause a dispute if you do not negotiate with the store in advance and then negotiate with them about repair costs after repair by another company.