Sample of Consule

If the transmission is defective and cannot be repaired, I would like to return it.

A gear shift failure has occurred several times while driving in two years after the purchase. And now, I could only drive it at low speeds, which is very dangerous and uneasy. I’ve been sending it for repair each time, but it recurs immediately and is not completely fixed. The dealer tells me that he/she will fix it. But if it can't be fixed, I don't want to drive it, so I want to return it.

  • Target car
  • New or Old new car
  • Classification function failure
  • Request free repair/warranty repair
  • Part Transmission (engine/brake/handle (steering)/airbag)
  • Phenomenon Shift failure (engine malfunction/brake failure/airbag warning light failure)

Answer and Suggested Solutions

Even if the dealer may want to continue the warranty repair, you could request them to exchange the car for an equivalent used car or purchase the vehicle if it cannot be repaired (not completely fixed).

Solution point

  • Since the transmission failure is within the warranty period, it seems that the warranty repair will be continued at the manufacturer's dealer.
  • If the dealer cannot fix it no matter how many times it is repaired, or if it is too dangerous to drive, you will have to ask the dealer to exchange the car with an equivalent used car or purchase it. Under certain circumstances, the contract may be terminated.
  • Even in the case of cancellation of the contract, the complainant has obtained the profit from using the car for two years, so it is thought that the price will be deducted. In case that the dealer purchases the car, you could negotiate with the dealer to purchase it at a higher price than the normal appraisal price.
  • If the parties to the dispute (consumers and retailers) agree when negotiations cannot be settled on terms of purchase, etc., it is possible for them to use a lawyer attached to our consultation center which will take an out-of-court dispute resolution procedure called "Settlement Mediation".