Sample of Consule

It breaks down immediately after purchasing the item, but the retailer does not deal with it.

I purchased a navigation system (supplies*) at a general merchandise store, but it broke down soon after using it. When I complained to the retailer and requested a new replacement, they told me to contact the product manufacturer because they could not deal with it.
*: Navigation, audio, wheels, tire chains, etc.

  • Target supplies
  • Classification function failure
  • Request new replacement
  • Part navigation (audio, drive monitor, tire chain, seat cover, shock absorber)
  • Phenomenon malfunction (damage)

Answer and Suggested Solutions

Basically, the negotiating partner of the defect will be the store where you purchased it.

Solution point

  • Responsibility for dealing with defects in vehicles and accessories lies with the store that sold the product. In this case, it will be the retailer that has signed a sales contract with the consumer. The presence or absence of a contract is irrelevant as proof of a sales contract. (Keep your purchase receipt and let the retailer see it.)
  • If there is a warranty from the product manufacturer and it is within the warranty period, you will have to comply with the description on the warranty or present the warranty to the store and request warranty repair.
  • If you directly request a response from the product manufacturer and if the manufacturer responds, you could proceed with the negotiations. However, it seems like that there are many cases where the manufacturer does not respond since the manufacturer will be a third party.
  • Since this general merchandise store has seller responsibilities such as warranty against defects, it will be negotiated with this general merchandise store. Depending on the content of the failure, the degree of use, negligence in use, etc., you will need to request the store for free / paid repair, exchange / return (cancellation of contract), etc.